7 ways to work smarter in the cloud and drive greater impact

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Teamwork and communication are vital to the success of every nonprofit organization. People are more geographically dispersed than ever. They work on a myriad of devices. Nonprofits are always looking for ways to maximize their impact with limited resources. Microsoft technology can help you optimize your efforts.

With Office 365, it’s not just about working in the cloud. It’s about working in the cloud intelligently. Now, it’s even easier to create, share and work together from any location, on any device. With apps like Word, Excel, and Outlook - not to mention Microsoft Teams, that features real-time coauthoring, IM, video, and voice - you can expand the reach of your programs, better anticipate demands, and develop new solutions to better address the needs of the populations you serve.

Download the “7 ways to work smarter in the cloud and drive greater impact” eBook to learn how Office 365 can help you:

  1. Increase productivity
  2. Empower true mobility
  3. Synchronize your projects
  4. Get next-level teamwork
  5. Streamline and simplify meetings
  6. Turn your data into valuable insights
  7. Increase your impact