6 steps to build a holistic security strategy with Microsoft 365

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In the past, cybersecurity and privacy were often low on the list of priorities for nonprofits. But, as cyberthreats have increased so have the risks of ignoring those threats. Breaches, compromised data, and cyberattacks can put vulnerable beneficiaries at risk, disrupt nonprofit operations and services, expose them to liability, and tarnish the reputation they have so painstakingly built. Determining the best approach to security gets more difficult as attacks grow more sophisticated, staff and volunteers use a wider array of devices and applications, and data flows into and out of your organization through more channels. And don’t think small organizations are smaller targets for data breaches. The risk is often higher for small organizations because they have fewer safeguards in place.

Download the “6 Steps to build a holistic security strategy with Microsoft 365” e-book to find out how you can use Microsoft 365 to build agile security frameworks in your organization.

  1. Planning for rapid response
  2. Protecting identity
  3. Defending against threats
  4. Protecting information end-to-end
  5. Managing cloud use
  6. Moving to the cloud securely