Crash Course in Fundraising and Engagement

Crash Course in Fundraising
and Engagement

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Six ways to be a great fundraiser during challenging times

Donors and funders are the heartbeat of nonprofit organizations. Today, as never before, nonprofits need to build and maintain lasting relationships with donors and funders to keep that heartbeat going. To achieve that, you need immediate access to real-time information on both loyal donors and prospects so you can engage them in a personalized way. You also need to be transparent about how the money will be used and keep them informed of the impact of their contributions. Above all, you need to drive efficient operations to maximize the amount of money going into programs and services to advance your mission.

Our Crash Course in Fundraising and Engagement e-book provides key tips and tricks for how you can apply Fundraising and Engagement tools so you can:

  • Connect with donors digitally
  • Personalize the donor experience even more
  • Respond to urgent fundraising needs
  • Evaluate fundraising efforts in real-time and make changes as needed
  • Be as efficient as possible with donor dollars
  • Demonstrate impact on an ongoing basis