Ads For Social Impact

Ads for Social Impact

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Microsoft Advertising is offering Microsoft approved nonprofits a $3,000 USD monthly grant1 on its owned and operated digital search and native advertising including Bing, Yahoo, AOL,, MSN, and Microsoft Edge. This offer is available to Microsoft approved nonprofits in the United States at this time.

Explore the value of the Microsoft Advertising Network to help you:

  • Grow awareness around your mission: Intelligently grow awareness and engagement with your cause. You pay only when someone clicks on your ad and can double down on your marketing budget.
  • Attract new donors and volunteers: Extend reach by unlocking a new platform to attract, retain, and grow donor and supporter bases.
  • Accelerate mission outcomes with Microsoft: Drive more qualified traffic to your website and garner a deeper understanding of how your constituents are interacting with your cause across more granted and discounted products with Microsoft.

1 The grant doesn’t include the cost of advertising on the Microsoft Advertising search partner network and we ask that you You may choose to extend your reach beyond the owned and operated properties; however, grant funds will not cover those.