Working Smarter with AI

Working Smarter with AI

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AI is abundant these days – but how can it best support your nonprofit?

In our e-book, Working Smarter with AI, we explore the advantages of implementing AI tools – like Microsoft Copilot – that are designed to alleviate nonprofit teams’ increasing day-to-day work and allow staff to focus on the most important mission-driven goals. AI can become an indispensable assistant, taking on the more tedious and repetitive tasks of the day so your team can get back to your organization’s mission and focus on creativity and innovation. Specifically, this e-book covers:

  • Bringing the future of work into the present: The decisions that nonprofit leaders make about AI today can revolutionize their mission impact.
  • Reconnecting to mission-oriented work: Hone in on what matters most to your nonprofit and further strategic thinking and creativity with partnership through generative AI and languages models like Microsoft Copilot.
  • Ensuring responsible AI: With AI ever evolving, our main concern is that all practices are rooted in ethical principles prioritizing people, emphasizing fairness, transparency and much more for your nonprofits.
  • A new way of working: The current AI generation can stimulate higher levels of creativity, productivity, and collaboration within your team, fostering fulfillment and efficiency.