Enterprise Cloud Strategy for Nonprofits

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By their very nature, nonprofit organizations must constantly find ways to do more with less. Moving some or all of your technology workloads to the cloud can help you accomplish that while accelerating innovation and enhancing security. The biggest question for nonprofits is rapidly changing from “if” you should move to the cloud to “when.”

It is clear that cloud computing offers tremendous value to nonprofits. In the cloud, you can scale resources up or down as needed and pay for only what you use. You can provide protected access to multiple external users, including volunteers, board members, and donors to enhance collaboration and build teamwork. Taking advantage of multilayer security you can streamline governance, risk management, and compliance. By freeing up your IT team from routine maintenance tasks, they can focus more on contributing to your mission. And because you can move to the cloud at your own pace and continue to work in a hybrid environment of cloud and on-premises resources, you can gain the benefits while minimizing disruption to your organization.

Download the eBook “Enterprise Cloud Strategy for Nonprofits” to learn how using Azure cloud services can help make your organization more productive, innovative, and flexible, and help you drive greater societal impact.