Webcast series: Accelerate your nonprofit’s mission with Office 365

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Nonprofit organizations often operate in a world of highly constrained resources. Doing more with less requires changing how you work. Microsoft is committed to helping you make a greater impact through digital transformation enabled by secure and trusted technology.

Get to know all of the Office 365 suite of solutions for all of your productivity and creativity needs:

  • Engage your constituents to strengthen support and participation
  • Empower employees to be more productive and creative
  • Optimize operations from field to office
  • Innovate for impact to accelerate your mission

Register for our webcast series to learn how you can accelerate your nonprofit's mission with Office 365. Webcasts.

Featured webcasts include:

  • Office 365 Business Apps – Introducing Outlook Customer Manager + Bookings
  • Office 365 – How Your Organization Can Be Productive from Field to Office
  • Introducing Microsoft Teams – the Hub for Teamwork in Office 365
  • Cybersecurity and Compliance in Office 365